Why Am I Feeling Like This?: A Teen's Guide to Freedom from Anxiety and Depression
David Murray

Why Am I Feeling Like This?: A Teen's Guide to Freedom from Anxiety and Depression

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A Teenager's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety or Depression

If you have experienced anxiety or depression, you may have asked yourself, Why am I feeling like this? You are not alone.

In this companion guide to his book for parents Why Is My Teenager Feeling Like This?, pastor and counselour David Murray introduces you to the personal accounts of eighteen teens who have struggled with different types of anxiety or depression. This guide will help you discover not only the common causes but also the keys to unlock their chains. By utilising God-given truths and tactics, you can experience new liberty, peace, and joy in your life.

“David Murray’s book and words have been a huge help in my walk with anxiety and depression. As a teenager, a student, and an athlete, the stresses of this world can easily become too much. I’d recommend this book to family, friends, or any teen who is struggling.”
—Isaac, age 17

“With anxiety and depression at an all-time high in today’s teens, this book could not come at a more crucial time. Why Am I Feeling Like This? is an extremely practical, helpful, biblical, and hopeful book that will help open the pathways of communication between teens and their parents. Rather than giving spiritually cliché answers to a complex and multilayered issue, David Murray compassionately walks alongside anxious and hurting teenagers in a disarming way, offering clarity, hope, and wise counsel in how to better understand their unique struggle with anxiety and depression, as well as practical and spiritual tools to take steps toward physical and spiritual healing.”
—Sarah Walton, coauthor, He Gives More Grace; Hope When It Hurts; and Together Through the Storms

Format: Paperback

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