Where is Poppy's Panda?
David Pitcher

Where is Poppy's Panda?

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Poppy’s panda has always been with her – but now he is lost! As Poppy searches high and low for her favourite toy she remembers all the times her panda has been with her. Will she ever find him again?

This beautifully illustrated book is a gentle exploration of transition, loss and change and the importance of maintaining continuity in a child’s life. The book is accompanied by practical guidelines and questions to encourage and facilitate deeper conversation.

Most children experience change: perhaps a move of school or house; the arrival of a new baby brother or sister; the death of a relative; or the separation of parents and a change of partners. All change can cause confusion and uncertainty. For some children, especially those who are adopted or placed in foster care, there may be a change of primary caregiver and of everything that is familiar.

It is important for all of us to have a sense that our life is one continuous story that includes all the people who have been important to us, and all the experiences we have had. There needs to be a “thread of continuity” running through our lives. Without it we can feel disconnected and fragmented. Changes and moves are not always explained to young children – or if they are, the explanations do not always make sense to the child. It can be difficult for adults to talk to children about how they feel at these times of transition. In this story, Poppy’s thread of continuity is represented by her panda.

The way that Poppy’s panda is lost and then found will help children to work through anxieties about attachment in a way that feels safe. The book will have particular meaning for children who are fostered, adopted, or who have experienced other major changes, including the loss of a parent through bereavement or divorce. The story will also help children who have not had to deal with major changes to empathise with other children they may know.

Additional notes

This book depicts various adult figures at different points of Poppy's life - her birth mother, foster parents, and adoptive parents - making it particularly relevant for children who have been through many transitions. Notes and questions at the back help to guide readers in unpacking the issues that surface as the story unfolds.

This book is published by the British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), the leading organisation for adoption and fostering in the UK.

Format: Paperback

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