What Do I Do with Anger?
What Do I Do with Anger?
What Do I Do with Anger?
What Do I Do with Anger?
Josh & Christi Straub

What Do I Do with Anger?

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Anger - what a universal, yet tricky emotion. 

In this relatable story, Alex gets angry during a soccer game. Coach Ryan encourages him to identify the feeling behind his anger (in this case, embarrassment) and reassures him that feeling angry is normal and okay. What matters is how he responds, and the implications of his actions on himself and others.

This helpful resource explains different types of anger, and prompts readers to take a deeper look at ways that anger has surfaced in their lives. Children will learn that anger is sometimes a secondary emotion, layered above deeper feelings such as embarrassment, betrayal, grief, or fear. Alex's story offers practical and biblical wisdom to help children manage their anger, while uncovering the emotion behind it. Children will be encouraged to be "quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger".


  • A biblical exploration of anger
  • Questions for deeper reflection and discussion (eg. Why do you think God wants us to make good decisions in our anger? What are some ways you can respond that will help you make the right decisions instead of hurtful ones?)
  • Examples of healthy ways to release our feelings
  • Journalling prompts (eg. When did I get angry recently? What did I do with my anger?)

Format: Hardcover

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