Treasures of the Snow
Patricia St John

Treasures of the Snow

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Lucien’s teasing of Dani leads to an accident with far–reaching consequences. Annette is intent on revenge and does all she can to make life a misery for Lucien. His only friend is the old man up the mountain who recognises his skill in carving wood and gives him new hope…

Set in Switzerland, this story of Annett, Lucien and Dani has caught the imagination of countless children. Patricia St John’s classic story of love and forgiveness is as fresh now as when it was first published in 1950.

Recommended for children aged 8-12.

"The most wonderful thing about reading Treasures of the Snow is that it has a thoroughly Christian worldview. The author continually alludes to the God of the Bible, His love for us and His desire for us to turn to Him. In our increasingly secular world, this is something I think we often miss. It felt really special, each evening, to enter a world of fiction, but also a world with God at the centre. A bit like reading Narnia, there seemed to be something very powerful about fiction with a Christian worldview. As well as weaving a gripping plot–line, Patricia St. John, explains the Christian life, sin, the work of the Spirit in a way that a child can really grasp. It didn’t feel like we were doing a Bible study or listening to a talk, and yet night after night, we were learning what it means to follow Jesus. ... I wonder if the description of choosing to follow Jesus even if it is costly might stay with the children longer than a Sunday school lesson or discussion over dinner ever could. We have all been challenged and moved over the last month as we have read Treasures of the Snow and it has got me thinking about the power of Christian literature and its place in family discipleship. If you are feeling dry or your family Bible times have lost their way, perhaps reading a story with a Christian worldview could be something to add to your repertoire? ... Patricia St. John has made Jesus more real and more precious to us."
—Claire Walford

Format: Paperback

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