The Rock and the Bird
Chew Chia Shao Wei

The Rock and the Bird

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Winner of Best Young Adult Title for Singapore Book Awards 2016
Winner of the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2015
Winner, Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Competition 2009, First Prize, Class A

There once was a rock which stood old and alone amidst a stretch of sand. For a long time it knew nothing except the lapping waves of the sea. Then one day a noisy bird came to rest on the rock—and began to annoy the rock with its endless chatter. Despite their hostile beginnings, the two began a friendship that evolved and changed over many years. Then one day when the bird did not return to the rock, the rock knew that his friend had died. And his world would return to what it once was, though now it was also filled with memories of his dearest friend.

“An astonishing and stunning story: a timeless fable which would appeal to readers of all ages. The deceptively simple use of language allows a profoundly affecting story about mortality and friendship to unfold with an effortless ease. The characterisations of the rock and the bird are skillfully drawn. This is an entry which is unexpected, original and enthralling from start to finish!”
—Chief Examiner, Royal Commonwealth Society 

Format: Paperback

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