The Pastor as Counselor: The Call for Soul Care
David Powlison

The Pastor as Counselor: The Call for Soul Care

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David Powlison Examines the Unique Role of the Pastor as Counselor

A pastor inhabits multiple roles—teacher, preacher, youth leader, and counselor. Yet many church leaders feel unprepared to counsel church members who are struggling with difficult, multifaceted problems.

David Powlison reminds pastors of their unique role as the shepherds of God’s people, equipping them to apply biblical wisdom to the thoughts, values, moods, expectations, and decisions of those under their care.

“Here is a loving, tender-hearted, gospel-confident pastor, calling pastors to be loving, tender-hearted, gospel-confident counselors. David Powlison lived the message of this book and gave his life to mobilizing the church to believe it and live it as well. If you’re a pastor, this book is a must-read, but not just once. Read it again and again, praying that its beautiful vision would become your daily ministry model.”
—Paul David Tripp, author, New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

Format: Paperback

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