Short of Nothing (One of Us #1)
Ames Chen

Short of Nothing (One of Us #1)

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Many things changed for Toby in the new school year: his teachers, his classmates and…..himself. When he becomes the shortest student in class, Toby struggles knowing that this is the tallest he will ever be. It’s a bumpy journey of growth for Toby, his teachers and his friends. How will they ride out these changes together?

One of Us is a series about embracing classmates in all their diversity. Each one is precious, showing us how to love and be loved in a special way. Will you include that classmate who does not quite seem to fit in—who might look, think or behave differently? Bestselling author of The Invisible People series, Bee Hoon Boy and Homebound Melody Ames Chen teams up with award-winning illustrator Quek Hong Shin in this new series to encourage inclusivity of children with special needs.

Format: Paperback

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