Polly and the Screen Time Overload
Polly and the Screen Time Overload
Polly and the Screen Time Overload
Polly and the Screen Time Overload
Betsy Childs Howard

Polly and the Screen Time Overload

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Introducing Kids to the Importance of Boundaries with Technology

Technology can be a helpful tool and source of enjoyment for many families — a way to aid children with learning, to connect with loved ones, and to provide entertainment. But as with many good gifts from God, tech devices are best used in moderation.

In this picture book, readers meet Polly while on a trip to her grandparents’ farm. During her visit she spends all her time on her new tablet instead of enjoying the farm animals and playing with her cousins. A chat with her grandfather teaches her that, though screen time can be good, it can also keep kids away from better things. Using simple language and beautiful illustrations, children are introduced to the idea that technology is best enjoyed within boundaries. A TGC Kids book.

  • A Fun Story with an Important Message: One of few books written for children about the influence of technology, it also addresses current issues of moral formation and discernment
  • Advice for Parents and Guardians: A “Note to Grown Ups” gives adults tips for how to help their children learn self-control and moderation in tech habits
  • Makes A Great Gift for Kids Ages 3–7: The second book in a series of picture books from TGC Kids, which includes Arlo and the Great Big Cover Up and Meg is Not Alone

“Polly and the Screen Time Overload is an engaging and practical way to talk with children about screen time. My kiddos did not want the story to end! I’m grateful for a biblically faithful resource that winsomely reminds us to keep technology in its proper place.”
—Hunter Beless, Founder and Executive Director, Journeywomen podcast

Format: Hardcover

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