Home For Good: Making a Difference for Vulnerable Children
Krish Kandia

Home For Good: Making a Difference for Vulnerable Children

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Every Christian's story is the story of an adoption and the story of a home for good with God. Therefore Christians are uniquely placed to reach out to children in care because once we needed adopting too.

Krish and his wife Miriam have adopted and fostered children themselves, and contend that it is a part of our calling as God's church to get involved where it's hardest, and to help these children out of the tough realities they find themselves in.

Filled with compelling arguments rooted in Biblical truth, real stories and practical advice on how it all works and the challenges that will come, this book makes a strong case that the church can and must make a difference in these children's lives, and asks us all to consider our response.

We highly recommend this book to existing foster / adoptive parents, those who are considering fostering / adoption, and church communities who are opening their hearts to embrace the vulnerable children in their midst. 

Format: Paperback

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