Gracie's Garden
Gracie's Garden
Gracie's Garden
Lara Casey

Gracie's Garden

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Little by little, good things grow!

Come play in the garden with Gracie! Join the garden tea party with her sister Sarah, taste tomatoes right off the vine with her crunchy munchy brother Joshua, and plant seeds! Some seeds, though, don't grow fast enough for Joshua. He wants to munch on tomatoes NOW. What will he do while he waits on those tiny tomato seeds to grow? Step into the garden to find out!

A beautiful story that shows little ones how God turns small seeds into marvelous things for us to enjoy.

"The story speaks to little ones about miracles, patience and purpose in a way that captures their attention. The illustrations are AMAZING and compliments the book superbly. I would highly suggest adding this to your personal home library. It is a great book for preschoolers to early readers. You will not regret it!"
—Sarena C

Format: Hardcover

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