God Made Boys and Girls: Helping Children Understand the Gift of Gender
Marty Machowski

God Made Boys and Girls: Helping Children Understand the Gift of Gender

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God Made Boys and Girls helps children understand that their gender is a gift from the God who made them and loves them. The story begins as the girls and boys at Grace Christian School are discussing if boys will always be boys and girls will always be girls.

Their teacher explains that God gives each of us the gift of being male or female before we are born, and that you continue to be a boy or a girl whether you like to climb trees or play house, play tag or color pictures, cause a ruckus or sit quietly.

In a world where there is so much confusion about gender and identity, pastor and best-selling author Marty Machowski shares the simple, clear truth that all of us are made in God’s image as either male or female—and what God made is very good!

Included in the back of the book is a special section just for parents and caregivers that gives biblical guidance as they have this important conversation with their children.

"In a culture that is increasingly accepting of gender-fluid identities, it's so important to teach our kids that gender is part of their personhood. God Made Boys and Girls is a wonderful tool for that task. It reminds children (and parents!) that being a man or woman is a gift we receive from God."
—Jared Kennedy, Pastor; Author of The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible

"This helpful book hits all the crucial talking points in an engaging and humorous story. Since even young children are bombarded with confusing messages, Marty gives needed clarity on the blessing and permanence of gender. He includes vital discussion on rejecting gender stereotypes and loving those with differing world views. In fact, the parents' 'cheat sheet' alone is an invaluable resource for your home."
—David White, Director of Discipleship at Harvest USA; Pastor; Author

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Format: Hardcover

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