Enabling Hearts: A Primer for Disability-Inclusive Churches
Leow Wen Pin

Enabling Hearts: A Primer for Disability-Inclusive Churches

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This volume was formulated to help enable the development of more disability-inclusive churches. As an introductory “primer”, it aims to provide churches with a basic understanding of disability in Singapore, and some foundational insights concerning how to minister to persons with disabilities.

Its title, Enabling Hearts, reflects two essential characteristics of the volume. First, it captures the authors who have been invited to contribute. Every author of this volume is either a person with disability, a disability professional (e.g. clinician, therapist, special educator), or a disability ministry leader. All of them have committed a substantial portion of their life towards advocating for the inclusion of persons with disabilities. In that sense, they truly possess “enabling hearts” and I am delighted that they have chosen to partner with us in this endeavour.

Second, the title, Enabling Hearts, also reveals the spiritual goal of the volume. While the chapters in this book will often focus on technical know-how in ministering to people with disabilities, the book is ultimately aimed at transforming the hearts of its readers—to open the hearts of God’s people towards the surprising grace of God as He leads us to include our brothers and sisters with disabilities.

Format: Paperback

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