Disability and the Church: A Vision for Diversity and Inclusion
Lamar Hardwick

Disability and the Church: A Vision for Diversity and Inclusion

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IVP Readers' Choice Award

Lamar Hardwick was thirty-six years old when he found out he was on the autism spectrum. While this revelation helped him understand and process his own experience, it also prompted a difficult re-evaluation of who he was as a person. And as a pastor, it started him on a new path of considering the way disabled people are treated in the church.

Disability and the Church is a practical and theological reconsideration of the church's responsibilities to the disabled community. Too often disabled persons are pushed away from the church or made to feel unwelcome in any number of ways. As Hardwick writes, "This should not be." He insists that the good news of Jesus affirms God's image in all people, and he offers practical steps and strategies to build stronger, truly inclusive communities of faith.

"Writing is most beautiful, most authentic, and most life-transforming when authors embody the story they are telling. Dr. Lamar Hardwick inhabits the story he is writing. He writes from a unique vantage point: he has Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. His autism doesn't define him. Jesus does. Jesus has graced and used his life to teach the church how to love and live more inclusively and generously. God invites us all to his banquet feast of grace. His table is big enough for us all."
Derwin L. Gray, pastor and author

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