Halle Takes a Stand: When You Want to Fit in
Halle Takes a Stand: When You Want to Fit in
Halle Takes a Stand: When You Want to Fit in
Halle Takes a Stand: When You Want to Fit in
Paul David Tripp

Halle Takes a Stand: When You Want to Fit in

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Learn how Jesus gives us courage to take a stand against meanness.

Halle Hedgehog has a group of school friends she sits with at lunch and plays with at recess. One day, the whole group decides to exclude another girl and is mean to her. This bothers Halle, but she doesn't say anything because she doesn't want to be excluded too. Halle's teacher Mr. Owl talks to her about who she really needs to fit in with, and how she can speak out against bullying because Jesus is with her.


  • Concrete, grace-based ways to deal with the pressures of fitting in
  • A special section that guides parents in teaching their children to respond with faith when fear or the overwhelming desire to fit in takes hold in their hearts
  • Cut-out Bible verses for children to keep

Halle Takes a Stand is part of The Good News for Little Hearts book series, which aims to bring gospel help and biblical counsel to families. Based on a model of biblical hope and help, each story focuses on real-life issues, offering practical ways to follow Jesus in the midst of challenging circumstances. Drawing on what Scripture says about living by faith in everyday life, these titles guide parents toward meaningful conversations with their kids and encourage little ones to grow in trust and love for God.

“For years I wished there were resources that would help equip children to face the many trials and temptations that come in this life rather than waiting till they are neck-deep in the mire before throwing them the lifeline of biblical truth. The Good News for Little Hearts series is an answer to my longing. These books communicate life-changing biblical truths through beautiful illustrations and stories that connect with young hearts in meaningful ways.”
Curtis Solomon, Executive Director, Biblical Counseling Coalition

Format: Hardcover

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