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God knows what I need
Will God Stop Forgiving Me?
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Jesus Chose Judas Qn 33
Is Money Bad Quiz 72
Old Testament Overview
Dave Strehler

Bible Questions & Answers for Kids

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Who created God? Why did people in the Bible get so old? If God knows what I need, why should I pray? Is it a sin to get angry? Is money bad? Was Jesus still God when he was on earth? Why does God let viruses take over?

Does your child wonder about these things? If so, this book is for them!

Bible Questions and Answers for Kids is a wonderful compilation of more than 80 questions from children, with clear and concise answers quoting relevant Scriptures. It aims to point readers to Bible truths and help them gain a better understanding of God and His Word. A helpful resource and conversation starter for families with children who are curious about their faith and would like to dig deeper!

Each section includes a short quiz question and a bible verse - answer each one to discover a secret message at the end of the book!

Author Dave Strehler has been involved in children's ministry for over 25 years and is passionate about equipping children by helping them understand the Bible and enjoy reading it. It is his hope that this book will answer some burning questions and help young ones grow in their faith.

Format: Paperback
Recommended age: 6 and up

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