Betty Greene: The Girl Who Longed to Fly
Betty Greene: The Girl Who Longed to Fly
Betty Greene: The Girl Who Longed to Fly
Betty Greene: The Girl Who Longed to Fly
Laura Wickham

Betty Greene: The Girl Who Longed to Fly

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Inspiring children's Christian biography of Betty Greene, whose dream to fly and to be a missionary came true.

Betty Greene (1920-1997) wanted to learn to fly from the age of 7. And with some money given to her by her uncle, that's exactly what she did.

When World War II started, Betty used her skills to serve with the Women Airforce Service Pilots (also known as WASPs). She even became part of a research project that sent pilots way up high, through the stratosphere!

Once the war had ended, she brought her passion for flying and her passion for the Lord Jesus together, and helped to set up a mission which is known today as the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).

Throughout her life, Betty made over 4,640 flights and served in 12 countries, landing in around 20 more.

Children will enjoy this beautifully illustrated children's biography, which can be read to young children aged 4-5 and read by children aged 6 plus.

"Every child in the world loves to look up at passing airplanes and marvel at the wonder of air travel. After reading Betty Greene, young imaginations will look to the skies with gospel possibilities in mind. I hope this book inspires a generation of kids who don't merely want to be pilots but who want to be pilots (or truck drivers or train engineers) for the glory of Christ and the cause of his eternal kingdom."
—Megan Hill, Editor, The Gospel Coalition; mother of four

Format: Hardcover

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