[As Is] Starting out in Children's Ministry
[As Is] Starting out in Children's Ministry
[As Is] Starting out in Children's Ministry
Alison Mitchell

[As Is] Starting out in Children's Ministry

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Packed with encouragement and essential skills for anyone involved in leading or helping with children's ministry or Sunday School.

"I'm going to be a brilliant children's leader. God is lucky to have me!"

Is this you? If so, this isn't the book for you. But maybe you're the opposite? You're a bit nervous about getting involved with children, you've had no formal training and you're not sure that God can use you to do anything much.

If so, this book will encourage you, give you some essential (and simple) skills, and thrill you with the joy and privilege of sharing the good news about Jesus with the next generation, whether you've been doing it for a long time or are just starting out.

If you are a children's worker, why not suggest this book to your team of volunteers, many of whom may not have had any formal training?

Alison Mitchell is convinced that teaching young people about Jesus is the best job in the world. She has trained literally thousands of children's workers over the past 30 years and is passionate about helping others to get as excited about children's ministry as she is.

"Here is a great book for those working with children. It allows the Bible to shape its thinking whilst being wonderfully practical: this is distilled wisdom from a master-practitioner. There are so many strengths:
• it shows how a Bible passage can be broken down and taught, inspiring confidence to have a go
• the layout is in short, easy-to-read chapters
• the material could easily be used for Sunday School training - there is free team-training material on the Good Book website
• it could be used by any size of church.
I could go on. Suffice to say why not buy it and see for yourself.  I know of nothing better and cannot praise it too highly."
—Ian Fry, Families pastor and former Director of Youth and Children's Ministry at Oak Hill College

Format: Paperback

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