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Betsy Childs Howard

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Arlo knows better than to get out of bed during rest time. And he definitely isn’t allowed to draw on the wall. But Arlo does it anyway, and then desperately attempts to cover up his disobedience before his mom finds out. When his efforts fail, Arlo discovers not only the misery that comes from hiding his sin but also the relief that comes through confessing it.

With easy-to-understand language and engaging illustrations, children will learn important lessons with Arlo about repentance and the forgiveness found only in Jesus. 

TGC Kids illustrated storybooks engage the hearts and imaginations of kids aged 3–7 by teaching them biblical truths about how to live and grow as God’s children in today’s culture. Published in partnership with The Gospel Coalition.

“We’ve all experienced times when we tried so very hard to cover up our sins rather than confess them. In our pride, we believed that we could mask our sin, when all we really did was make a bigger spiritual mess of our hearts and our lives. Arlo’s mom reflects the heart of God toward our sin, both in the way she allows Arlo to experience the consequences of his actions, and in how she lovingly restores him when he repents. This may be a kid’s book, but the lessons it contains are for us all.”
—Kristie Anyabwile, wife and mom; editor, His Testimonies, My Heritage

Format: Hardcover

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